From the central square in Bergen (Torgallmenningen) head north via Markeveien / Klostergaten and through the historic Skottegaten / Nedre Strangehagen or through Nøstegaten /Verftsgaten (see map). Look for the high factory chimney of the old sardine packaging factory, USF. This building is now an art and cultural centre with many workshops.

  • You can walk. From the centre of Bergen it takes about 10 minutes.
  • Du tar bussen. Gaia Trafikks linje 11 har stoppested på Klosteret. Herfra er det kort vei å gå ned til USF.
  • You can take the bus. Gaia Traffic No.11 (Starefossn - Nordnes) passes through the centre and stops at the 'Klosteret'- the old monastry. From here it is only a short walk through cobbled streets to the USF building.
  • You can drive. There is a parking area to the north near the restaurant, but most parking is to the south of the building. All parking is charged. Handicapped parking, north of the building, is near the block of flats. In total there are places for 38 vehicles but note that the area in front of the entrance is vehicle free.