This unusually shaped plate has a dark brown-metal matt glaze. I call the the glaze 'elephant hide' because it has that kind of texture in places where it is a little thicker. I can make this plate in black silk matt if you prefer.

This is a combination plate so that all the bowls and cups I make sit well on it.

The plate comes from the larger series called 'Contour' which was originally designed for a soup bar in Oslo. The idea was that the customer was able to combine either soup with a roll or coffee with a cake. Dishwasherproof.

The bowl in the picture comes from the 'Breakfast' series and is in white porcelain. Nok 170,-
The plate is dishwasherproof.
Oblong Plate H2 x B22cm (max). Kr 200,-

Contour 'Cup'

The wing shaped handle is inspired by the Japanese tea ritual where the cup lies in the hand. It also has the advantage that one sits inside the other to form an elegant stack occupying minimal place. I use a dark brown-metal matt glaze on the outside, as described above, which gives an irregular hue of moss green to the creamy interior. It can also be produced with a black silk matt glaze on the outside and pure cream on the inside.
Cup H5 x D10cm. Kr 250,-


Simple clean-cut stoneware bowls and beakers in two colours: black silk matt and beige gloss. Dishwasherproof
Bowl H x B cm.Kr 170,-
Beaker H x B cm.Kr 150,-

Ball Platters

These heatproof platters can be used for so many things especially in the kitchen and dining room; from an egg, fruit or vegetable stative to a hotplate for the casserole. They can be used alone or combined in shapes for the table. It is just a question of fantasy!
Ball Platters. 4x14cm.Kr 250,-

Mogul Skiing

This large display bowl has a dramattic sculptural quality that is lightened by a tiny car appearing to be skiing over mogul humps! This detail can be omitted however if preferred!
Bowl with silk matt black glaze 13x39cm. 5000,-
Bowl with white gloss glaze 13x39cm. 3500,-

Mogul Skiing detail

Woven Bowl

This bowl was a nightmare to make the first time! It is made of stoneware in 3 distinct parts before being joined and high fired at 1260°C. It was a great technical challenge that took me a long time and many tears to overcome. When I did finally succeed it took over two years before I could find the enthusiasm to make another, but now's fine!
Wovenbowl white with green copper glaze. H13 x D39cm. Kr 3500,-

Simple Beaker with Silver Edging

Simple thin drinking vessels in porcelain with optional silver edging. matt white on the outside and transparent glaze inside. Suitable for both hot and cold drinks. These beakers are great for those people, like me, who leave their tea here and there while they are working. I find the tea stays extra warm in them!
Note: The silver edging will wear away with frequent use of the dishwasher and is unsuitable for the microwave oven.

Beaker with rose or butterfly motif

Kr 200,-

Globe Vase

A roomy globe-formed vase with a roughened surface for those wonderfully extravagent tumbling floral displays much loved by artists. Kr 1200,-

Small 'Happy to be With You' Vases

Vases to hold one or two of the simplest of wild flowers and show them to perfection. My mother sets her table with one to each guest or grouped nestling amid candles, but a single vase is equally pretty set on a breakfast tray for someone special. Popular as a small present to give one's hostess or for your child to give her teacher at the end of term.

Plain glossy white with or without a silver rim as seen here, or with a silver embossed stamp. I also make these vases in the three glaze colours found in the decal series and with a variety of small flower, bee and butterfly decal motifs.
Vol. 0,75dl. Kr 70,-