The picture shows the full range of sizes, all are made in stoneware with a pink hand-applied glaze. One can also choose blue or green hand-glazed stoneware, or white porcelain with a matt external surface.

All items in this series are dishwasherproof, tolerate heat and can be used in the microwave oven.

Extra Large Bowl: H10 x D21cm Kr 450,-
Large Bowl: H7 x D14cm Kr 170,-
Medium Bowl: H6,5 x D10,5cm Kr 130,-
Small Bowl: H4,5 x D7,5cm Kr 100,-


The picture shows all sizes of bowls stacked inside each other.

Various Colour Bowls

A nest of bowls showing the colours available in stoneware. Pink, blue and a yellowish green. (The actual colour is more green than shown here)

White Coffee Cups

Coffee Cups in white porcelain.
Cup: H6,5 x D10,5cm Kr 250,-

White Bowls

Porcelain Bowls.
Large Bowl: H7 x D14cm Kr 170,-